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Welcome message

Traditional Medicine 2019 takes top notch pleasure in welcoming all the attendees across the globe to participate in the “World Congress on Herbal and Traditional Medicine” held during June 27-28, 2019, in Sweden.

Traditional Medicine 2019 guarantees a great platform for the members around the globe to gain more insights and information on the rising trends of herbal medicine. The herbal medicine 2019 brings together aspiring researchers, doctors, scientists and eminent expert in the field of traditional medicine. The primary goal of Traditional medicine 2019 is to enlighten you with the modern-day discoveries and research happenings in the field of traditional and herbal medicine. The conference presents you a massive opportunity to meet various experts and specialists in the arena of traditional and herbal medicine. Traditional medicine 2019 will keep you engaged with the various seminars, scientific talks, poster presentations, video presentations and workshops related to herbal and traditional medicine.

The overarching purpose is to provide individuals with the understanding to recognize the blessings and risks of these treatments and to combine them for healthier and improved patient care.

Traditional medicine 2019 is being held in Sweden, for you to make the event more memorable. We pleasantly invite all the eminent personalities to sign up for us and make the herbal medicine conference a great success.

Market Analysis

Herbal medicine has emerged from a long historic culture of using nature for curing sicknesses. in line with WHO estimates, almost 80% of population of many Asian and African international locations rely on conventional medication for number one fitness care.

The global herbal remedy market is anticipated to reach USD 117.02 billion via 2024, driven by using growing popularity of herbal therapeutics in comparison to conventional drugs. The marketplace for herbal drugs and remedies is anticipated to file worthwhile boom because of their price-effectiveness in comparison to allopathic ones.

In 2016, Europe became the most important marketplace for traditional drugs, contributing to 40.8% of the share and is anticipated to retain its management all through the forecast length due to shifting from conventional pills to natural products. Fewer side effects and coffee toxicity compared to allopathy products are anticipated to provide a competitive gain over different medicines in the marketplace. moreover, ready popularity of natural merchandise because of its blessings is the key element for marketplace growth and is expected to play a significant role in destiny.

Asia Pacific is anticipated to record the fastest CAGR of 6.8% over the forecast period. furthermore, Europe is predicted to generate maximum sales over the forecast length because of increasing attention created with the aid of diverse associations which includes affiliation for natural remedy in Europe (AIME).

Segmentation by product
 Tablets & Capsules

The extracts phase generated a revenue of USD 27.1 billion in 2016 and is anticipated to reach USD 44.6 billion by 2024. higher absorption prices of extracts in assessment with different dosage forms is supposed to force the market over the forecast period. homes including spillage and horrific scent limit using extracts. tablets & pills phase is predicted to witness the quickest boom attributable to growing adoption of tablets over other dosage bureaucracy. additionally, drugs are clean to hold, which gives it an advantage over other formulations and now traditionally made powders are being available in the shape of capsules & capsules which give better dose accuracy.

Segmentation by indication
 Digestive disorders
 Respiratory disorders
 Blood disorders

Digestive disorders segment is anticipated to develop at a CAGR of 6.6% over the forecast length because of increasing use of herbal drug treatments for situations such as indigestion, gastroesophageal reflux ailment, and dyspepsia. clean accessibility of diverse products for the treatment of digestive tract problems is anticipated to gas the marketplace over the forecast period.

Blood sickness section is projected to generate maximum revenue because of increasing occurrence of high blood pressure. growing recognition of ginger, garlic and ginkgo biloba coupled with a ramification of merchandise available within the marketplace is predicted to boost growth over the forecast length.

Segmentation by region
 North America
    The U.S.
 Asia Pacific
 Central & South America
 The Middle East and Africa

In 2016, Europe dominated the worldwide natural medication marketplace and is anticipated to maintain the percentage in the course of the forecast duration as well. associations which include British Herbal Medicine Association and European Herbal & Traditional Medicine Practitioners Association (EHTPA) promote using those alternative medicines in European Union by organizing diverse seminars and growth the notice regarding benefits of using herbal treatments.

Asia Pacific is predicted to expose the fastest boom over the projected period due to increasing cognizance of those products which consist of pills, nutritional dietary supplements, and pores and skin care products. India and China being the major markets for natural medicinal products within the place, those nations have a strong heritage.

The Ayurveda gadget from India has been providing remedy options for various disorders related to the breathing machine and digestive gadget on account that a long time.

Sweden Market

In Sweden, customers exhibited more potent trust in a number of the well-known brands positioned in herbal or conventional cough, cold and allergic reaction (hay fever) remedies, because the aggregate product Kan Jang has a longstanding presence and has acquired superb media interest as an powerful treatment. furthermore, as pharmacies increased distribution of herbal/conventional merchandise, their credentials have additionally successively improved.

Chemists and Pharmacies are becoming a more and more important distribution channel for herbal and traditional medicine in Sweden. The category is therefore anticipated to display more potent increase over the forecast length as purchasers are anticipated to show extra agree with whilst locating these products distributed with the aid of pharmacies in preference to through other retailers.

Regardless of higher value income for multinational organizations within herbal and traditional products the stronghold of domestic brands may be in particular attributed to Cloetta Sverige, which retained its leadership in 2017, because of its dominating position in medicated confectionery (herbal/traditional cough, bloodless and hypersensitivity (hay fever) treatments). The strong brand image of Läkerol has mainly supported its robust value percentage.

Natural/Conventional merchandise businesses are expected to increase their awareness on advertising and clinical evidence to create stronger consider of their products to thereby growth income. players are also anticipated to awareness on broadening their distribution through chemists/pharmacies to advantage more consider and align further with preferred OTC merchandise. 

About Conference

The Traditional Medicine 2019 cordially welcomes you to take part in the World Congress on Herbal and Traditional Medicine scheduled on June 27-28, 2019 in Sweden.

The Traditional Medicine 2019 focuses on the new discoveries, inventions and advancements in the field of Traditional and Herbal medicine.

The Traditional Medicine 2019 invites all the Scientists, Doctors, Academicians, Associations, Societies and all researchers across the globe to share your explorations and research experiences on all related topics of herbal and traditional medicine.

This event is tailored to create a new dimension in the treatment of various illness through traditional methods.

Why attend?

Provides an excellent platform to refresh your knowledge about the past, present and future perspectives of the herbal and traditional medicine.

It provides a better technical forum for the students and researchers to explore more about the latest advancements and developments related to the Herbal and traditional medicine.

Creates a global platform to promote the effectiveness of the herbal and traditional medicine.

Provides good networking opportunities to connect with experts.

Why Sweden?

Various research suggests that a large number of people use complementary medicine. In Sweden the research on traditional medicine remain limited. Chemists and pharmacies is becoming a more and more important distribution channel for herbal and traditional medicine in Sweden. The category is therefore anticipated to display more potent increase over the forecast length as purchasers are anticipated to show extra agree with whilst locating these products distributed with the aid of pharmacies in preference to through other retailers.

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Ayurvedic Specialists

Homeopathy Doctors

Naturopathy Doctors

Alternative Medicine Practitioners


Business delegates


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